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Music& Lyrics NOIZE

What do you expect from live, are you satisfied ?
Ask yourself this question, tell your dreams which are denied
Is there any higher taste in your senseless day
live your life in harmony - the one and only way

If you want to look inside your mind,
come and join our team
Don't be afraid of other people's thinkin'
It's our spiritual believe

So you passed you first exam and noy your on the track
forget about your former live, there's no turning back
what can you find between the lines - it's easy to explain
Another lie, another slave, fight against the grain



Come to your sences, do you believe that shit (shit!) ?
Free your mind and body without any regrets
Be your own personality, it's you who tells the rules
Be aware of your conciousness, you're not like other fools

chorus (2x)